An Introduction to Modern Calligraphy September 15, 2017 14:28

Since we transitioned from being a purely online presence to having roots in the real world, one of the best changes is being able to invite customers and other creatives into our space. Skill sharing is hugely important (and a lot of fun) and we have lots of ideas for exciting workshop exchanges with our creative friends. Over the past few weeks, we decided to open our doors to hold some informal modern calligraphy tutorials.

Modern calligraphy is something we've been learning and growing with over the last two years. We have utilised it in a lot of our wedding projects and it's always such a beautiful addition to really personalise a wedding suite. It's also something that a lot of our customers seemed interested in getting to grips with themselves, so through this interest our workshops were born.

We held three classes, including having the ladies down from Snapdragon florist, to learn a new skill they can apply to their own work. Each workshop was two hours long, and we covered things like getting to know your tools, how to hold them, different strokes and letter forms, and even getting creative and writing some words and phrases by the end of class.

We like to call it 'an introduction' to modern calligraphy, because it really is one of those skills where practice makes perfect, and two hours is not a huge amount of time to perfect your skill. But we sent each class away with their own pen, nib and ink and some new skills to continue practising. In fact we were genuinely impressed by the level everyone was at by the end of class. I feel like they caught on a lot quicker than me... Should I be worried?

We really enjoyed having everyone into the studio, and the enthusiasm with which everyone jumped in. So much so, we plan on running a few more workshops very soon. I know there were a few of you who missed out as the spaces filled up quickly, so keep an eye out for the new dates which we will be posting soon. I'll leave you with a photo of how we finished off our classes, because is a Parade event really a Parade event without alcohol and snacks?