Giving the tree the trim... November 17, 2017 11:51


 Since we've been feeling oh so festive this year, we decided to put our signature calligraphy style to a new purpose. Boxes of pretty Christmas baubles are filling our back corridor and they've got your name on them (or they will do once we paint it on!). 

 We stocked up on a big batch of clear, and another of frosted white baubles, some white and gold paint, plus a fancy new paintbrush. Chief calligrapher Cara has already been busy personalising them ready for you to trim your trees! 

With two colour options there's something for everyone's Christmas décor scheme, and if you want to sort your whole family out, we offer a special deal when buying four. Don't miss out, they're going fast and someone's already placed a big order for all his flying reindeer...