Inspired Women... February 22, 2018 10:40

Every year, the 8th of March marks International Women's Day, a celebration of the achievements of women worldwide. In fact, the whole month is Women's History Month, and don't forget Mother's Day falls on the 11th too! What's more, this year is the 100th anniversary since women in the UK first won the right to vote. Phew, pretty big year for us then gals?

The International Women's Day campaign theme for 2018 is #PressforProgress and to mark the occasion we've taken their official pledge to celebrate women's achievements. This includes individual and collective, success and contribution; in all walks of life.

As we approach the end of our first proper year in business, we decided to take this opportunity to focus on a couple of causes close to our heart. Being politically active is not something that comes very naturally to us, but our business was built on a friendship and we wouldn't have got through the past year without that. In fact we probably wouldn't get through the average Wednesday without that. (Anyone else notice how uncharacteristically soppy we get on this blog?!) 

So anyway, to us, feminism pretty much boils down to having each other's backs. Let's build each other up, pick each other up, cheer each other on and shout super loud about each other's successes.

We wanted to find a way to bring these ideas into our day-to day work as well. So each Friday over the next few weeks, we'll be featuring some of the incredible creative women-owned or run businesses who inspire us. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for updates on this!

As well as our Insta feature, we have designed 4 special edition cards to mark the occasion. Inspired by the homespun creativity of hand-painted protest signs, they all feature different messages of encouragement, admiration, support and friendship.

Because, is there anything more cheering than a card in the post for no reason at all except just to say how great you are? 

The First Hurdle... July 14, 2017 11:41

Hello and welcome to our very first blog post!

As most of you will know, we had another big 'first' this year, and that was the opening of our little studio and shop in Morningside on the 1st of April (we know, we know, ridiculous day to open, but it was no joke).

We'd love to say it was always in the grand plan, but this time last year, we were still part time Paper Paraders, and it took a couple of strange turns of fate in the autumn for us to decide to jump in with both feet. We looked at one retail unit (yep, just the one), took it, and spent exactly a month up ladders, on our knees, paint stained and stinking of white spirit to get it ready for the grand opening. Lesson learned; choosing the right shade of white is no picnic, with many a day spent fretting over paint swatches and whether they possibly looked a bit pink or a bit blue in the wrong light. 

With favours from friends and family maxed out for the foreseeable future, we thought it was probably about time to open the doors and ply people with prosecco until they bought something. And of course, have a wee celebration ourselves...

Now we're here, our first quarter done and minimal casualties, well, one smashed light and a very sore head, but we made it through without falling out, passing out or checking out so we'll chalk that up as a success. A lot of the time we feel out of our depth, up the creek and into a bloody great ocean with not a paddle in sight, but seriously, we are so glad we took the plunge.