Well, it’s certainly been a while! We thought it was about time we fired this blog up again. What better place to start than to tell you a bit about what we’ve been up to!

With little else to do for a large chunk of the past 18 months, and with nowhere to go, Paper Parade has been looking inwards. You’ve seen our cards; you know we like to get nostalgic. The closure of life as we knew it, including closing up physical shop, gave us an all round pause - whether we liked it or not.
Since starting Paper Parade around six years ago, we’ve been constantly moving, reacting, growing; often without much time to truly think about it. So, when forced to pause, we took that time to look back at our journey and make some careful decisions about the one that lay ahead. 

This resulted in us distilling our brand down to three core values around which we are already anchored, and on which we will continue to build. Paper Parade was built on friendship and hopes of keeping people connected and that will always be our driving force. I think the world-of-late forced us all to stop and re-evaluate a little; to really step back and consider what truly matters to us, both personally and professionally. Well, that's what we did! And we feel reinforced, reinvigorated, and ready to continue. If you'd like, you can head to our About Us section and read about our core values in full. Or even better, watch our new brand video, created for us by RHB Media.

So, as we readied ourselves for the next chapter, it seemed only fitting that we have a bit of a visual update too. We simplified and strengthened our ethos, so we gave our website and aesthetics a new look to match. We stripped things back a little, refining our logo to a cleaner version and choosing a palette of neutral tones to allow our illustrations to shine.

From here on out, you can expect to hear from us more. We are looking forward to what lies ahead, with some exciting projects in the pipeline. Our blog will be updated as often as we can, with news about what we’re up to; a little arts and culture; a lot of creativity and a fair amount of nonsense.
Thanks for coming along for the ride, we're very glad to have you here.
Stay safe, and stay connected.